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My name was Chalice Paul, I was born as Chalice Alford. I was born on August 31, 1947 and I was 33 years old when I went missing in the summer of 1981 and presumed to be dead.

I married my first husband Donald and became Chalice Barnett back in the mid 1960’s. I became Chalice Paul by marrying my second husband, John Paul Sr., the infamous race car driver of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and whom I was presumed to be last seen with before my disappearance in the Florida Keys.

My life started in a small town in the panhandle of Florida and I was determined to make something of myself coming from a very poor and large family with a lot of siblings who did not share my vision and ambitions in life. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and shortly after that met my first husband and moved to Jonesboro, Georgia. I acquired a job as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines from 1965 to 1980. I became a Senior flight attendant and was having the time of my life when my first husband who loved car racing took me to the Atlanta track and introduce me John Paul Sr. doing practice laps in his race car.

John Paul Sr. offered to take me for a spin on a practice lap in his race car and that was it, I was smitten by his charm and ability to keep a car between the ditches at a high speed. John Paul Sr. pursued me to the fullest after that chance meeting and the next thing I knew I was divorcing my first husband to be with this fast lane man. Not knowing the dangers that laid ahead.

I ended up marrying what I thought was my Prince Charming who drove up on a race car instead of riding on a white horse. We married on May 26, 1980 at the Coca Cola 400 race at Lime Rock Park on the track after the race.

Below: In Photo John Paul Jr., best man, John Paul Sr., groom:, Chalice Paul, bride (typo in first name); Peg Gilman, matron of honor Published in the book Lime Rock Park 35 Years of Racing on page 176.

I felt on top of the world, living in luxury, going to the best racetracks all of the world to watch him race. I was traveling all over the world with my new husband and living in the fast lane literally; only to be sadly awakened by my real life dream. After our wedding at Lime Rock Park we took a cruise on the QE2 to LeMans, France where my new groom was racing at the time. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had another love interest in another State Room and our first night in France as Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Sr. ended up being my biggest nightmare, as I had found my absent groom with this other woman! My ability to scale a wall at our hotel led me to find him in bed with this woman. I was told later by the race circuit people that this woman was a race car groupie and small time cocaine drug dealer.

Upon my dismay and discontent, I tried to forgive and forget and try to make a life with this fast lane man. It seems he had a other plan in mind for me and it was not to live happily ever after.

I lost my job with Delta Airlines because of a temper tantrum he had in my presence at the Airport in Bermuda where we were traveling together and I later was notified by my employer that my 15 year career as a Senior flight attendant was over with Delta Airlines!

I tried to be a housewife for my displaced husband but realized I wanted more out of life. I separated with him and moved to Palm Beach, Florida to collect my senses and decide what was next for me in my life. That is when I met my new best girlfriend who tried to help me in this transition in my life.

I had met and made a lot of high profile friends working in first class seating on Delta flights, like Ted Turner, former Georgia film commissioner Ed Spivia, Wayne Newton, Mike Medevoy, and Mike Conners which gave me some exposure to the film industry. Some of these contacts convinced me to move back to the Atlanta area.

I had a girl friend who also my former roommate who did casting for Burt Reynolds and got me extra work on his films shot in Georgia. I was aspiring to become a great actress at the time and had this featured extra part in Sharky’s Machine being shot that summer in 1981 in Atlanta before my disappearance and unfortunately I never returned for that part.

John Paul Sr. had come to see me in my rented home in Atlanta while I was still separated by him. He was discussing wanting a divorce at first and later changed his mind and decided that we needed to meet in Florida to discuss our relationship and reinvent another chance of a second “nice” honeymoon without any interruptions and complications. He convinced me he still loved me so I made a decision to fly back to Florida to reunite with him.

A lot of people who knew me then both professionally and personally did not know what the outcome of my disappearance was. My family also had many different versions told about my last sighting told to them by my husband and due to fear, confusion, and just plain apathy they never found out for sure what really happened. Nor was there any kind of an investigation.

My Mother died less than a year after my disappearance and my husband signed a note along with a large flower reef on my mother’s casket putting his name and mine on it. How could that be when I was missing for almost a year?

With the help and tenacity of my old roommate, my best friend from Florida at the time, other good friends and family members who cared, I am now letting the world know how my life was and share my memorabilia and notes that has so miraculously been saved for over 31 years!

Let my story of my life be heard by anyone who cared, who wondered, who hoped for the best and knew the worst of my demise. May my family still living on earth and my husband’s new family and his children try to remember me in a good light. Yes, my husband, acquired a divorce without my consent or presence upon my disappearance in the foreign country of Haiti in order to marry another woman, a sister of a race car driver who he use to compete with in races.

Life went on for John Paul Sr. with his new family until 1983 he attempted murder of a man in St. Augustine, Florida and eventually was charged and found guilty. While out on bail he fled to Switzerland and later was extradited back to stand trial. He served only 13 years of a 25 year sentence in Leavenworth prison. Upon his release he moved to South Florida to live with his son John Paul Jr., his wife and the daughter and son of John Paul Jr.

John Paul Senior’s love of sailing and owning a sailboat at the time which coincidentally was also one of his many temptations that got me to meet him for that last trip to Florida. It was his escape from life, stress and reality of a structured life that channeled him to take a different course in life and spend years out on the open seas prior.

He met a new female companion shortly after his release from prison and starting his new life in South Florida. He convinced her to share his dream of sailing around the world in which she complied without knowing anything about his checkered past. She never made that trip sailing around the world and living the dream only to be considered a missing person and disappeared around the end of 2000 and last seen with John Paul Sr. in South Florida.

He changed the name of his boat from Island Girl to Diamond Girl and took off sailing around the world. He was spotted in the South Pacific and shortly after he found out that someone recognized him in the Fiji Islands from a television show called Unsolved Mysteries so he sailed back to Europe, sold his sailboat called Diamond Girl in a Sailboat magazine in Italy and is now currently living in Thailand, Asia? unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com

Wanted for Questioning: John L. Paul, Sr., circa 2000

Wanted for Questioning: John L. Paul, Sr., circa 2000

  • Age: 63
  • Hair Color: Brown/Gray
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Male
  • Additional Information: Owns a 55′ schooner rig sailing yacht called the “Diamond Girl.” May have a beard.

This site is dedicated to my “Baby Girl” little sister who I loved very much and took under my wing and I promised her I would never leave her, I never did my Dear, I am with you in spirit. To my dear friends and former family members who knew me, I loved John Paul Sr. and because of it and in spite of it, I will live on in all your memories and may the truth and justice prevail with my disappearance.

This is also dedicated to all who suffered by the hand of a person or a weapon used against them, or the many whose lives have been abused both mentally, physically and emotionally. Also to all the men and women whose dreams, ambitions, hopes for a better life which was cut short by fate or because of an ill fated chance meeting, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Life goes on for those who survived it and for the ones that did not can tell their story in spirit!


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    • Christina Lane

      I hope you find justice. I found this site after watching Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon Prime Videos. I wanted to find out if they’re caught him yet. I found this beautiful site. I was young at the same time as your Angel and it made me feel very nostalgic. I got to live past my youth. Chalice didn’t. Love to you all who care.

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    Help us get the Truth!

    • Irene

      In Colleen’s story the son said her cell phone was shut off !What was the date of the shut off .Did he set the date to shut it off while they were sailing so she couldn’t call Premeditated

      • admin@chalice

        Not sure when the shut off time was on the cell phone. We know Michael Tandarich, the son did try to attempted to call his mother during the Christmas holidays and found out the phone was turned off from lack of payment.

  3. Kristie

    I hope they find the son of a b in heat is murdered just like he did to those two poor women I am so sorry for your losses I wish there was something more I could say or do I couldn’t imagine that happening to me God bless you all and hopefully you get Justice

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      Thank you Kristie and so sorry for the delayed response back.

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    Thanks again Pete Gandolfo for your plug on the Youtube videos. Chalice Paul would of loved to of seen them I am sure.

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    Please view this podcast for the visual side of the podcast Crime In Sports Episode #37 the story about John Paul Sr. We endorse this as it is our own release of truthful findings and not a version from another podcast that is attempting to discredit our work and findings.


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    We have successfully launched the new podcast, Chalice Paul Disappeared the True Story and it is getting more interesting as more episodes are added. We are up to Episode 8 to date. I would like to thank the following people for their participation so far: Pam Keyser, Kathy Kelley, Pam & Ann Fossier, Joe Arbie, Michael Paul, Stephen Carson and Charlene Alford Larson. Each person had their own interesting experience and take on what happened to Chalice’s disappearance. I encourage you to go to the front page of the site http://www.chalicepaul.com and click on the top link to the titled podcast to start listeing and please sign up for our newsletter to be notified as to when a new podcast link goes up you will get an email alert notification.

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  9. Chalice Paul

    We would like to inform the public of the passing of John Paul Jr. the son of John Paul Sr. who passed away on December 29, 2020. He was loved by so many in the racing community who idolized him for his racing career in an era of time that was tumultuous with the disappearance of Chalice Paul and then the shooting of Stephen Carson by John Paul Sr. This ultimately made John Paul Jr’s career to come to screeching halt! For he was most certainly a willing participant being involved in his fathers drug smuggling operation.

    We have uncovered quite a bit recently with interviews, arrest records and court dockets to understand that Jr. was more than a willing participant in the decision to follow his father both on and off the race track. May he rest in peace with his demons. Maybe now some of the loyal friends and fans of John Paul Jr. can understand our tenacity to get justice for these missing people as there are multiple people that have gone missing and it has been unfolded.

    These missing persons were either last seen or involved in the Paul’s illegal activities. John Paul Jr took his secrets with him it appears in his dying declaration letter on his public Facebook page where he had made no mention of his fugitive father, the missing women, Chalice Paul and Colleen Wood, his brother Leslie Michael Paul, his deceased sister Tonya Paul, his nephew who was her son, Conner Secondino, Adrienne Jade “AJ” Paul, his half sister or the mother of his children, Patricia “Trish” Paul. All these people played a big part in his life over the years that should of been more important to him than his racing past, his friends and fans of the racing community.

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