Chalice Paul-Missing Person
Copied and Pasted:
What do I think is the question that Is what I have been posting on racing blog pages.
I think it has been 42 years that Chalice Paul has NOT been investigated and brought charges against John Paul Sr.
The following people who were most likely last seen alive with John Paul Sr and missing….
Errol “Butch” Thrower who married Glenda Joyce McGaughy Paul (Sr’s first wife) in Muncie Indiana but divorced her a year later after he got busted in Louisiana with the Paul’s then goes missing.
David Cassorla who smuggled drugs with the Paul’s gets a divorce then he goes missing.
Chalice Alford Barnett Paul who was married to John Paul Sr then goes missing when she was attempting to get alimony during her separation.
Colleen Wood who was living on John Paul’s sailboat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and planning a sailing trip around the world with him then goes missing.
Then there is some mystery man who’s body floated ashore in Spain according to the only living son of John Paul Sr’s statement Michael Paul.
I think it is time for the #FBI #FBIInternational #USMarshals #thailand government start bringing some justice for the families and friends of the missing.